Chambers has a strong and varied team of qualified mediators, arbitrators and barristers ready and willing to undertake mediation work in all areas of practice.

Mediation is an informal, flexible process with the added advantage of being confidential and ‘without prejudice’. It works in the majority of cases if the parties want it to work. Where successful, it produces an agreement which both parties want, not a result imposed by a Court, which may satisfy neither side. It saves costs. It avoids the emotional expense of litigation. It cuts out the risks entailed in litigating. It can help maintain business and personal relationships that might otherwise be undermined by the tensions of litigation. It can be arranged, and concluded, quickly.

Chambers has embraced mediation as a form of dispute resolution, recognising the good quality of its outcomes and significant potential to save costs. For their part, Courts and clients show greater eagerness than ever to go down this route.

Chambers is currently expanding its profile in the following forms of mediation and arbitration:

  • Clinical negligence disputes
  • Environmental regulation
  • Workplace disputes in the NHS
  • Factual disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Business arbitration
  • International arbitration
  • Matrimonial Finance

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