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In the attached edition you will find:

Owain Thomas QC and Robert Kellar QC analyse and comment upon the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Khan v Meadowsexploring the scope of duty principle and its implications on page 2.

Jessica Elliott analyses another recent decision on secondary victims and children on page 6.

Jim Duffy explains a further decision exploring non-delegable duty in the dental context on page 8.

Dominic Ruck Keene considers another decision which considers the reliability of medical records and witness evidence on page 10, a judgment concerning advice and aortic valve replacement on page 15, and the first post Poole judgment in another failure to remove case on page 41.

Matthew Flinn summarises a judgment on interim payments and Eeles on page 12.

Rajkiran Barhey explains a judgment considering the standard of care for health visitors on page 17 and a decision considering puberty blockers and parental consent following Bell on page 49.

Richard Smith considers two decisions on expert evidence as to earnings in sports law claims on page 19 and another two decisions concerning the approach to dishonesty and denial by regulatory tribunals on page 30.

Andrew Kennedy QC analyses the Court of Appeal’s judgment in Sastry on section 40 appeals and deference to the MPT on page 23.

Marina Wheeler QC continues our comprehensive review of recent regulatory decisions on page 25.

Caroline Cross explains a significant inquests judgment concerning causation on page 34.

Rory Badenoch sets out the findings of the Justice Committee on reforms to the coronial service on page 37.

Charlotte Gilmartin explains as recent judgment on the test for ordering a new inquest on page 40.

Thomas Beamont considers two significant judgments in abuse cases which explore the boundaries of vicarious liability on pages 45 and 47.

Alice Kuzmenko provides a timely explanation of the Vaccine Damages Payment scheme on page 48.

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