It is now possible to instruct some of our barristers directly without employing the services of a solicitor.

This allows a wide range of clients to benefit from the cost savings and efficiency that can come from going direct to our experts rather than through an intermediary. There are limits on what services our barristers can provide and how we can provide them.

We will help those who are considering using one of our barrister directly to decide if this is the best route for them and understand how this way of accessing legal services works. We are committed to providing clients with a service that is swift, efficient and user- friendly.

Please go to our direct access service at

What is Direct Access?

Direct Access, also known as Public Access, is the name given by the Bar Council to the scheme where members of the public can instruct barristers directly. Now anyone – individuals, companies, firms etc – can instruct a barrister directly. Find out about the Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients on the Bar Standards Board website here. You can also review a list of authorised barristers on the Bar Council’s Barrister’s Register here.

What services do our barristers offer?

We continue to provide the specialist legal services the Bar has always offered – this includes drafting documents, giving written and oral advice as well as providing advocacy services for clients in courts, tribunals, arbitrations, mediations and any other situation where you are permitted to have someone speak on your behalf.

However, there are some things a barrister cannot do for you such as corresponding with the other side on your behalf or handling money for you.  The work that barristers are not permitted to do will need to be carried out by you. If you do not feel you are able, for whatever reason, to do that work then you will need to instruct a solicitor to do that work on your behalf.

As barristers must carry out all their professional work personally, there will be times they may not be available (e.g. when in Court) but our clerks can be contacted during normal office hours. In terms of costs, a quoted price depends on what each case involves so can be discussed once we have the details of your case. VAT numbers can be provided on request where applicable.

How do I instruct a barrister directly?

To engage with our team please let us have some information about your case. The simplest way to do this is to visit our dedicated Direct Access website and complete our enquiry form. There you can also find our simple 4 step process to instructing one of our barristers, an idea of costs and read our FAQs. You can also download our 4 Step Process here

To  engage with our team please let us have some information about your case. The simplest way to do this is to complete our enquiry form.

If you have any concerns at all about our service, our complaints procedure is outlined here. More information about instructing us is available here.

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