Law Pod UK returns after the summer break with Episode 149: a fascinating interview with Special Advocate Angus McCullough QC on Closed Material Proceedings where evidence is so secretive the SAs cannot communicate directly with their clients. Anyone interested in drilling further down into the subject please go to Angus’s two posts on UKHRB: “Secret Justice”: An Oxymoron and the Overdue Review” and “Secret Justice – The Insiders’ View”, with links to the evolution of CMPs, the relevant legislation, the review process now under way and the submissions that Special Advocates have made to Sir Duncan Ouseley, the independent reviewer of this process: The Ouseley Review – SAs-Submission.

And you will notice a few changes: different signature tune, different voiceover: our very own head of Chambers, Richard Booth QC. We also welcome our new producer Philip Lakka, who’s done a great job taking over the task of delivering this podcast from Simon Jarvis of Whistledown.

We have a terrific line up of guests following Angus for the Autumn.

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