This year’s Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference “Forward Thinking: The Bar of the Future” is taking place remotely between 18-21 November 2020.

The opening panel event at 6pm hear from Martin Forde QC and other expert speakers discussing positive and practical action to help address systemic discrimination as well as equality of opportunity and equal outcomes in recruitment and progression at the Bar.

On 21st November the winner of the Advocate’s Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year Award will be announced with 1COR’s Emma-Louise Fenelon, Charlotte Gilmartin, Rajkiran Barhey, Darragh Coffey and Thomas Beamont jointly nominated. They have been shortlisted after their incredible environmental work preserving Askham Bog, on small woodland management models and representing the Dangstein Conservancy instructed by the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF). Read more about their pro bono work this year here.

Well done to the winners of the award as well as those shortlisted for the excellent work they’ve done, and will continue to do, pro bono.

This year the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference brings together the profession at a time when it is vital that we unite behind our common interests and principles, push forward our agenda for diversification and growth, and consider what we want the Bar and justice system of the future to look like.

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