We have an expert team of experienced and qualified mediators and arbitrators, who undertake alternative dispute resolution, known as “ADR”, across all areas of civil and family law.

What is ADR?

There are many types of ADR. Our service focuses on the three main types: mediation, arbitration and early neutral evaluation.

Mediation is an informal, flexible and cost effective process which is entirely confidential and ‘without prejudice’. It has a high success rate. Where successful, it produces a settlement which both parties agree to rather than being imposed by a court, avoids the delays and emotional expense of litigation, removes the risks of litigation and it can help restore business and personal relationships that might otherwise be undermined by the tensions of litigation. It can be arranged, and concluded, quickly. Our service is convenient, flexible and economic.

There are many advantages to mediation:

  • It is a flexible, speedy, confidential, and less adversarial process
  • It has a high success rate in a wide variety of disputes
  • It is cost effective
  • It is a non-binding procedure
  • It allows for flexible solutions and settlements
  • It is suited to situations where the parties wish to restore their relationship

Arbitration is an alternative to litigation and involves an independent third party, an arbitrator, who considers the case and makes a decision that is legally binding. The role of an arbitrator is similar to that of a judge, though the procedures can be less formal and the arbitrator will be an expert in that particular area of work. Uniquely, we also offer child focused arbitration with qualified arbitrators as well as barristers able to represent you during these proceedings.

There are many advantages to arbitration:

  • The process can be tailored to suit parties’ particular needs
  • Arbitrators can be chosen for their expertise
  • It is confidential
  • It can be speedier and cheaper than court
  • There are limited grounds of appeal
  • Arbitral awards are legally binding and enforceable through the courts

Our Early Neutral Evaluation service is an entirely non-binding process whereby a specialist barrister will be jointly instructed by the parties to consider the dispute and provide their opinion as to the most likely outcome were the case to be litigated. It is often used by parties to break a deadlock at any stage of proceedings, although it is more commonly used at a relatively early stage.

What services do we provide?

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Our expert mediators have assisted numerous parties reach a mediated agreement across a broad spectrum of civil and commercial disputes, including:

  • Property Disputes – including disputes relating to both freehold and leasehold properties, whether domestic or commercial, landlord and tenant disputes, disputes over boundaries, and neighbour disputes.
  • Commercial Disputes – including disputes between companies as well as disputes between suppliers and customers.
  • Private Disputes – including wills & probate disputes (including inheritance claims, disputed wills, administration disputes), employment/workplace disputes, personal injury claims, and contractual/debt disputes.Often cases are referred to our mediators by solicitors who instruct Chambers in other matters, and frequently when there are ongoing court proceedings.

Family Mediation & Arbitration

Our team has the experience, empathy and understanding to help parties on the breakdown of a relationship come to an agreement on the best way to resolve the inevitable difficulties that arise, whether it is in respect of property and financial arrangements or in respect of the future arrangements for the parties’ children.

Our service focuses on:

  • Resolving family disputes
  • Resolving arrangements for children
  • Resolving financial disputes

 Early Neutral Evaluation

 All of our barristers offer Early Neutral Evaluations in their specialist practice areas.

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