As part of its commitment to supporting National Pro-Bono week (4 – 8 November 2019), 1COR is offering 3 written pro bono children arbitration determinations on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Written determinations are suitable for single issues such as frequency and duration of contact, choice of schools and nursery, and contact over Christmas. At this time of year Christmas contact becomes an issue which needs swift resolution and which the courts are becoming increasingly unable to list prior to 25 December.

Arbitration is a valuable tool in the family lawyer’s kit for resolving issues between separated parents. It does not rely on the parents being able to agree a resolution (as in mediation) and is far, far quicker than an application to the family court. The Arbitrator’s decision is binding on the parents and the scheme is totally flexible. For a written determination, the parents need to agree to file statements and can be supplemented by written submissions from legal representatives if desired. Best of all an Arbitration decision (known as a ‘Determination’) will be sent within 2 days of the written evidence being received by the Arbitrator.

Please contact the clerks ( or 01273 625 625) to discuss whether your case is suitable for a written determination and to book your case pro bono.