Recruitment Policy & Procedures

All recruitment of staff is carried out in full compliance with the terms of our Equality & Diversity Policy. We have a diverse membership of barristers and we aim to reflect that also in a diverse composition of our staffing. If we use a recruitment agency, we ensure that its procedures are also compliant with the aims of our Equality & Diversity Policy.

We maintain recruitment records to enable us to monitor our performance against our Equality & Diversity Policy.

Work Experience & Part-time Work

We do not offer work experience positions for schoolchildren since we do not consider the work environment in a Chambers and the types of role available conducive for this purpose. We sometimes get approached by University students for work experience roles and, if we can identify a useful role (eg to assist with a particularly heavy workload or to carry out a particular project), we may offer a short stay for this purpose. Any application for this type of role should be addressed to the Chambers Director. Any student seeking experience in Chambers primarily with a view to becoming a barrister is advised to apply for a mini-pupillage where the experience would be more relevant.