Arbitration is an alternative to litigation and involves an independent third party, an arbitrator, who considers the case and makes a decision that is legally binding.

The role of an arbitrator is similar to that of a judge, though the procedures can be less formal and the arbitrator will be an expert in that particular area of work. Our Arbitrators are specialist family law barristers and members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. They are accredited and regulated by the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators.

There are many advantages to arbitration:

  • The process can be tailored to suit parties’ particular needs
  • Arbitrators can be chosen for their expertise
  • It is confidential
  • It can be speedier and cheaper than court
  • There are limited grounds of appeal
  • Arbitral awards are legally binding and enforceable through the courts

Family Arbitration

Our team has the experience, empathy and understanding to help parties on the breakdown of a relationship on the best way to resolve the inevitable difficulties that arise, whether it is in respect of property and financial arrangements or in respect of the future arrangements for the parties’ children.

Children Arbitration

Arbitration can decide issues such as where the child should live, how much time should be spent with each parent and other family members (including grandparents), when and if holidays should be taken (both in the UK and abroad), schooling and the problems that arise when one parent wants to move with the children either here or elsewhere in the world (the scheme applies to most countries in the world- the arbitrator can advise you if your country is covered). It does not apply to issues involving the safety of the child (ie.. issues with which the local authority could become involved).

One of the most attractive reasons for coming to One Crown Office Row is that our fees are transparent and fixed, compared with going to court, and your case will be heard more quickly and often with fewer hearings. The other thing that sets us apart is that we are friendly and approachable, and available to you at evenings and weekends to fit in with your schedule.

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