Chambers understands that it is important to maintain a strong support structure for all members and staff in order to foster a positive working culture.

We run an Employee Assistance Program which aims to promote health and wellbeing for all staff, pupils and barristers to maintain a supportive work environment. ‘Wellbeing Reps’ are appointed for more senior barristers, clerks and staff with ‘Buddies/Mentors’ appointed for junior members and pupils to support them. Mental health first aid courses and refreshers are provided for these Mentors and Buddies to help them understand what issues members/staff may face, as well as ways to manage these issues. Further information on external resources to support members is also widely available and our Health Assurance Scheme includes free counselling, wellbeing support and training events.

Chambers run internal masterclasses and training sessions on a range of practical topics to help members continue to grow and improve their practice, familiarity with new technology and develop client care skills. We also regularly hold informal internal events which allow members and staff to relax and catch up outside of the usual work pressures.