COVID-19 Update

Please note that due to the ongoing situation with regard to COVID-19, 1 Crown Office Row, Brighton has decided not to offer any new mini-pupillages to take place in 2021. The next application round for mini-pupillages (to take place in 2022) will commence from October 2021. 


Mini-pupillages at Crown Office Row seek to help people to decide whether a career at the Bar is for them and to expose them to relevant and appropriate experience of our work. Mini-pupillage affords applicants for pupillage a perspective of life in Chambers, the type of legal work undertaken by members of the Brighton Annexe, and gives them an opportunity to meet members of Chambers. While, mini-pupillage plays no formal role in the selection of pupils for the Brighton Annexe, it may assist the applicant to understand the culture of Chambers, first hand, in making their application.

Chambers offers up to 10 mini-pupillages each year. They will typically last 3 days, but may be longer and shorter, by agreement in certain circumstances.


Applications, in the form of a CV with a covering letter, should be sent to Chambers, addressed to the Mini-Pupillage Co-ordinator, Scott Storey, by post or email ( The subject line of emails and the top left hand corner of the envelope of post should be endorsed with “Mini-Pupillage Application”.

Please state what area/s of law you are interested in which you wish to gain experience (we cannot guarantee this but will endeavour to match you to an appropriate Barrister).

Applications can be submitted any time between 1 October and 28 February, and the mini-pupillages will take place throughout the year following (that is, April to the following March). Please make it clear what your preferred times for doing a mini-pupillage are and also include other times when you would be prepared to do a mini-pupillage to give Chambers the best chance of accommodating you.

Late / Early Applications: Application for mini pupillages may be considered at other times of the year particularly in the case of candidates strongly meeting the selection criteria, at the discretion of the Mini-Pupillage Co-ordinator. If your application is outside of this period, then please make clear that you wish to be considered for a mini-pupillage and why it is not practical to apply within the set timetable. If applying early, please state whether you wish to be considered in the standard selection process the following February, should it not be possible to accommodate your early request. Late or early applications may not be acknowledged or receive a formal reply, so applicants should assume they have been unsuccessful unless they hear to the contrary.

Selection Process

The Mini-Pupillage Co-ordinator selects the candidates from the available applications according to the following criteria: (i) academic excellence; (ii) relevant experience / interests / aptitude / ability; (iii) fluency and quality of expression in application/covering letter/CV; and (iv) interest in Chambers and/or the local area and/or the area of practice areas undertaken by members of Chambers in Crown Office Row, Brighton.

Save in exceptional circumstances, only applicants who are undertaking, or have completed a degree, or equivalent course (eg GDL) or have equivalent work experience, qualification or training shall be considered.

Each candidate’s application is considered on its merits and in accordance with the principles set out in our equality and diversity policy.

There are no interviews.

On receipt of an application within the time limit, candidates will be sent a standard letter informing them that their application will be considered in March and that the outcome of their application will be notified to them in April, for a possible mini pupillage later in the year.


If you are successful in coming to Chambers for a Mini-Pupillage you are expected to observe the following guidance:

  • Attend at Chambers at 9.30am on the first day of your mini-pupillage unless another time and place has been expressly agreed in advance;
  • Sign a Confidentially Agreement on arriving at Chambers;
  • Do not discuss the case or any other matter of significance (other than polite conversation) with professional or lay clients or other parties while at Court or in Conference. If in doubt, ask the barrister who you are accompanying.
  • Standard of dress is that which a barrister would be expected to wear to Court, which means smart business attire that is a dark suit, tie and dark shoes and the equivalent for women (eg a dark skirt, dress or trouser suit).


In recognition of the expenses involved in undertaking a mini-pupillage and with the aim of encouraging diversity, all mini-pupils can claim a grant of £75 to assist in meeting their travel expenses.