1 Crown Office Row is committed to providing excellent training for pupils. We want each of our pupils to be a future star of the Bar.

You will quickly become involved in whatever your Pupil Supervisor is doing at the time, so be prepared to hit the ground running. You will be expected to contribute meaningfully – so please don’t expect a quiet life in the shadows providing administrative support. We are much more interested in your brain than your photocopying. As a friendly set you will get to know us, and more importantly, we will get to know you, in no time. Read about recent tenant Hope Spalding’s experience as a pupil during the pandemic here.

Deadline: Pupillage Gateway opens 3rd January 2024 and closes 7th February 2024. 


The aim of our mini-pupillages is to help people to decide whether a career at the Bar is for them and to expose them to relevant and appropriate experience of our work to that end. The process of selection for mini-pupillage is entirely separate from the pupillage process and acceptance/rejection of an application for mini-pupillage is not an indication of the likely outcome of any application for pupillage.

Deadline: opens 1st October ; closes 28th February. 

Staff Recruitment

For Clerks, we normally obtain candidates from two sources – the list of names maintained for this purpose by the Institute of Barristers Clerks (the IBC) and through specialist recruitment agencies such as “Chambers People” and “Gill Rees Legal”. For other staff, we may advertise in the national or London press (eg The Times or Evening Standard) and/or use a relevant recruitment agency. We will always seek to verify any stated academic and vocational qualifications and, once a position has been offered, request two references.

Tenant Recruitment

If we have a specific vacancy for an experienced practitioner, we shall advertise that fact in Counsel Magazine and, as may be appropriate, in any other legal or trade journal and/or the national press. The advertisement will set a clear deadline for applications.

We are recruiting – please visit Tenant Recruitment to find out more about joining us and get a glimpse into life as a tenant at 1COR.

All recruitment of tenants, pupils, clerks and staff, is conducted in a way to be fully compliant with the terms of our Equality & Diversity Policy.