As we all learn how to work remotely in the new normal and following our first successful recorded hearing which was arranged by Chambers to assist a client, we thought to put together a few tips to help your recorded hearings go smoothly.

  1. Keep the email with the meeting invitation/joining details open so that you can easily re-join if disconnected. It is good to mark this in some way as the same invitation might be used again if the hearing runs over multiple days.
  2. Ensure you have a separate communication with your clients via email, whatsapp etc but also have a second way of contacting the moderator and opposition should there be technical issues.
  3. Mute your microphone when not speaking to help with clear audio and reduce potential feedback.
  4. The Judge can see if and when the recording is being made but the moderator and/or clerk can download it onto MS Teams.
  5. Speak clearly and try to look more towards the top of your screen than the bottom to maintain eye contact.

Our clerks and barristers are well equipped to handle remote recorded hearings so are able to walk you and your clients through it as the case demands.
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