Today, 30th October, Catriona Murdoch is presenting at the UN HQ in New York City at the high profile panel discussion on ‘Accountability for the war crime of starvation of civilians’ as part of International Law Week. She will be speaking alongside Alex de Waal, the UN OHCHA, and Ambassador Corinne Cicéron Bühlerthe, Director of the Directorate of International Law for the Swiss FDFA.

The event is sponsored by Switzerland, Global Compliance Rights and many others to continue the debate on accountability for the war crime of starvation of civilians. Catriona has been supporting the Swiss in their proposed amendment to the Rome Statute to make starving civilians a crime in a non-international armed conflict (NIAC). The vote on this important amendment will happen in December 2019.

For more information on the amendment see Details on the event, including speakers, sponsors and venue, can be found here.