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Shaheen Rahman QC explores vicarious liability, in the recent Supreme Court judgments in Barclays Bank v Various Claimants and Mohamud v WM Morrison Supermarkets plc and three other recent judgments in the sexual abuse context – Page 2. She also looks at a recent regulatory decision concerning sanctions and undue lenience – Page 31.

Suzanne Lambert analyses the Supreme Court decision in Whittingdon Hospital NHS Trust v XX concerning recoverability of the costs of commercial surrogacy – Page 8. She also considers an application for wasted costs against an expert – Page 26.

Rajkiran Barhey takes a detailed look at the decision in ABC v St George’s NHS Healthcare Trust and others concerning the existence of a new duty of care to balance the Claimant’s interest in being informed of her genetic risk against her father’s interest in medical confidentiality – Page 11. She also looks at a decision on PSLA damages on St Helena – Page 44.

Dominic Ruck Keene analyses another case on vicarious liability in the dental context on Page 6 and also considers a surprising decision of the Court of Appeal in Schembri v Marshall on causation – Page 28.

Thomas Beamont looks at the standard of care in pure diagnosis cases as discussed recently in Brady v Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Page 15.

Charlotte Gilmartin summarises the findings of the inquiry into the surgeon Ian Paterson – Page 21 – and analyses the Court of Appeal’s recent judgment on whether a transgender man who had given birth could be registered as his child’s father – Page 24.

William Edis QC considers the application for a Protective Costs Order in Swift v Carpenter – Page 17.

Judith Rogerson considers Pepper v Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and consent and causation – Page 19.

Jeremy Hyam QC explains the Court of Appeal’s judgment in Smo v Hywel Dda University Health Board which concerns when sidestepping an agreed disciplinary procedure would constitute a breach of contract – Page 30.

Jim Duffy explores a recent inquests judgment of R (Lee) v HM Assistant Coroner for the City of Sunderland considering whether Article 2 was engaged in the context of the death of a community-based psychiatric patient – Page 32.

Sarabjit Singh QC analyses the Court of Appeal judgment in Bayer Plc & Anor v NHS Darlington CCG & Ors concerning an appeal against a decision dismissing a judicial review brought by two pharmaceutical companies regarding a CCG policy to recommend a particular treatment to NHS Trusts – Page 34.

Matthew Flinn considers a number of Court of Protection judgments concerning best interests assessments, an application to discharge a nursing home resident and contingent declarations of incapacity – Page 35 onwards.

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