On 5th March 2020 DWF are hosting a breakfast seminar ‘In Conversation With…’ Robert Kellar QC and Edite Ligere sharing their expert observations on Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.  AI is already in use in diagnostics today, and its importance in healthcare seems set to increase exponentially.  But unlike most other developments in healthcare technology, AI has the potential to fundamentally alter the nature of the medical profession, clinical negligence claims, and medical indemnity insurance.

Robert and Edite will be joined by Consultant Oncologist Nick Plowman to discuss these issues in more detail at DWF’s breakfast seminar event on Thursday 5 March 2020, “Artificial Intelligence, Real Headache?”

More information is available on their website here and you can reserve a space by contacting Joanne Staphnill, Partner, DWF Law LLP.