Edite Ligere focuses on global financial regulation, banking, insurance, human rights, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security and climate action. She has published widely on environmental law matters and is a frequent speaker on the topic.

She is the author of the Chambers & Partners Environmental Law Global Practice Guide, which provides the latest legal information on environmental policies and laws; regulatory authorities; environmental permitting, incidents, damages and liability (both corporate and personal); insurance; lender and civil liability; contaminated land; asbestos; waste; climate change; environmental disclosure; taxes; and legal and regulatory reform.

“From the war in Ukraine to the agonising conflict in the Middle East and freak weather events to mention a few examples, 2023 witnessed significant global disruption, conflict and humanitarian catastrophes, often referred to as a time of poly-crises. Cataclysmic environmental events fuel and serve to aggravate the many flashpoints across the globe and create further socioeconomic, political and structural instability, food and water shortages leading to humanitarian disasters. ESG remains an integral element of corporate and investment strategy. “Carobonomics” is increasingly at the forefront of the global agenda. Environmental law can no longer be seen as another niche area of the law, the bailiwick of lawyers, academics, environmental activists and politicians seeking electoral approval. Environmental law and policy should be seen as an integral part of every global, inter-governmental and national initiative, top down and bottom up. It is only by a concerted, inter-disciplinary effort that there is any hope of preserving and rebuilding what is left of the environment.”

Edite Ligere
Introduction to Chambers & Partners Environmental Law Global Practice Guide 2023

The Chambers Environmental Law Global Practice Guide 2023 can be found on the Chambers & Partners website.