We are delighted that Richard Booth QC has been asked to speak at the annual Management, Business, Law (MBL) Clinical Negligence Conference on 28th November 2018 along with Robert Kellar. The popular, APIL accredited conference features a panel of distinguished QC’s who provide updates on the latest legal issues. Richard has been asked to speak about essential costs and give the workshop covering all the topics raised throughout the day.

11.15am – 12.00pm: Essential Costs for Clinical Negligence Lawyers

This session by Richard Booth QC will consider recent areas of interest in the strange world of costs and how they apply to clinical negligence claims, in an attempt to avoid future pain.

It will include:

  • Drafting your CFA: Taking care and getting it right
  • Proportionality: Does it trump everything, even necessity?
  • Costs Budgeting: Where on earth are we now? Has it made litigation more reasonable or more certain? And how does one get a budget increased?
  • Fixed recoverable costs: Where are we at the moment?
  • The retirement of Sir Rupert Jackson: How has he left the landscape for us?

12 – 12.45pm: Consent, Causation and Climbing Mountains

This session by Robert Kellar examines the way in which the courts have applied the requirements of informed consent since the ground-breaking decision in Montgomery, and how these have factored in to causation. Of particular note is the continuing backlash against the dilution of ‘effective cause’ requirements in Chester v Afshar.

This will cover:

  • Material versus unknown/immaterial risks
  • The importance of the patient as an individual
  • MeiklejohnCorreia and Duce
  • Shaw v Kovac: no new causes of action
  • The future

3.55pm – 4.45pm: Workshop Session

A practical workshop session with Richard Booth QC & Ben Collins QC focusing on the issues covered during the course of the day and allowing delegates to discuss and consider the practical implications arising from them.

4.45pm – Close: Questions & Answers

Date: 28th November 2018

Venue: TBC London Marriott, Kensington

RSVP: MBL Seminars Website

CPD (APIL Accredited): 6 hours