Jonathan Metzer succeeded in an appeal on behalf of a married couple at the First-tier Tribunal in EK & MN v Secretary of State for the Home Department. The Secretary of State’s decision that the couple had entered into a marriage of convenience to secure residency rights for the husband, an illegal immigrant from Albania, was overturned.

Jonathan received praise in the judgment, which stated:

“The record of the interviews was not served on the appellant in a timely fashion…Mr Metzer would have been entitled to an adjournment to take detailed instructions on the transcripts. However, he did not. He used the morning of the hearing to take instructions from the appellants, separately. It appears to me, he had one of the Overriding Objectives in the forefront of his mind, namely to assist the Tribunal to determine the appeals in a timely manner. A thoroughly professional attitude, in keeping, of course, with the time honoured traditions of the Bar.”

Jonathan was instructed by Anu Huneewoth of Huneewoth Solicitors.