The Mau Mau uprising, which took place in central Kenya between 1952 and 1961, was a rebellion against British colonial rule. Claims were brought by four Kenyans for serious personal injuries and torture suffered whilst in detention in Kenya during the uprising.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has now expressed “sincere regret” over the mistreatment of these detainees and offered a payout of £19.9 million to compensate 5228 Kenyans.

Guy Mansfield QC and Peter Skelton represented the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, instructed by the Treasury Solicitor.

Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC appeared for the intervener, Redress, a human rights organisation which assists victims of torture to seek reparation and compensation.

Henry Witcomb was one of a number of counsel acting on behalf of the claimants, instructed by Leigh Day.