Thomas Beamont acted for the youngest son of Michaela Hall in the recent inquest into her death.

Michaela was a much-loved mother of two children, who had studied criminology and worked rehabilitating ex-offenders. While employed for a charity in such a role she met her partner, who had an extensive history of violent offending.

From 2019 Michaela suffered domestic abuse from her partner, and in 2021 became the victim of domestic homicide shortly after his release from prison.

HM Senior Coroner for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Mr Andrew Cox, heard two weeks of evidence examining the system which was meant to protect her.

The Coroner made several findings critical of the various state agencies involved, including that:

  • Michaela should not have been cleared to work for a charity which involved close working with serving prisoners, but for which she would never have met the man who murdered her.
  • The Local Authority’s social services provision was disjointed, there was insufficient information-sharing, and safeguarding enquiries were not adequately undertaken.
  • The police, who attended Michaela’s property on the night of her death, attended late and did not force entry into the property despite having a legal basis to do so.
  • Michaela’s murderer was wrongly assessed as posing only a ‘medium’ risk of harm to her, by an underqualified Probation Service Officer, whereas he posed a high risk of harm. Following this incorrect assessment, Michaela’s partner was released from prison with only a community order, and murdered Michaela shortly afterwards.

Tom was instructed by Alan Collins of Hugh James.

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