Darragh Coffey is acting for the family of a three-day old baby at an inquest into her death. Wyllow-Raine Swinburn was born in September 2022 and appeared healthy, but she stopped breathing at home less than a day after being discharged from the maternity ward.

The inquest heard that her family called 999 and spent over seven minutes waiting for the call to be connected to an ambulance service operator. It then took a further 31 minutes for paramedics to arrive on scene. Her family spent 40 minutes giving CPR to the newborn as they waited for an ambulance, but Wyllow-Raine was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at hospital.

The cause of Wyllow-Raine’s collapse is unexplained, and her provisional cause of death was recorded as sudden unexplained death in infancy.

The inquest has been adjourned while further evidence is obtained, and is expected to be resumed in around six months’ time.

Darragh is instructed on behalf of the family by Suzanne White of Leigh Day.

The inquest has been featured in the press: