1COR is delighted to welcome Matthew Flinn back to full-time practice. Matthew returned to chambers in early February, having spent 2017 galavanting around the world! After having several months in his native New Zealand re-connecting with friends and family, Matthew spent the rest of the year living and studying Spanish in Spain and Colombia.

“It was wonderful to spend some extended quality time with my nieces and nephews, who were all born after I left New Zealand to study at University in 2004! It’s also been a long-cherished goal to learn another language, and I now feel like my Spanish is well on the way. I’m so grateful to everyone at chambers for supporting me in what has been a grand an unforgettable adventure.”

Matthew, who is a member of the Attorney General’s C Panel of Counsel, is looking forward to returning to his main practice areas of clinical negligence, personal injury, and public law, and is hoping to begin developing a practice in environmental law.