Paul Reynolds represented the family of Keith Bandy, a thirty year old man who died of pneumonia and obstructive pulmonary disease after a paramedic visited him and failed to treat him properly. The Coroner found that the paramedic who had attended at Mr Bandy’s home failed to test the amount of oxygen in Mr Bandy’s blood, despite his breathing problems. The paramedic also failed to consider whether Mr Bandy was hypoxic and failed to record his visit properly. The paramedic left without providing treatment. The Coroner held that Mr Bandy’s life could have been saved if he had been taken to hospital.

The coroner also indicated that she would be writing to the East Midlands Ambulance Service recommending that the Service draw up improved guidelines setting out what equipment paramedics should bring in the first instance when attending a patient.

The case has been reported in the local and national press.