Clinical Negligence

Sydney accepts instructions on behalf of claimants and defendants involving all aspects of advisory work and litigation. He has extensive experience of claims arising from across a wide spectrum of medical practice including brain and spinal injuries, GP, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Oncology, Nursing & Midwifery, Vascular surgery, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Dentistry, Respiratory medicine, Infectious diseases, Ophthalmology and Psychiatry.

Selected Cases

  • Re C: Alleged negligent mismanagement of an ankle burn, which ultimately resulted in a below-knee amputation. (2022)
  • Re A: Fatal accidents claim arising out of a late term termination. The Claimant suffered a massive post procedure haemorrhage, which was not recognised. (2021)
  • Re B: Fatal accidents claim. Alleged failure to consider a cardiac cause for chest pain, institute investigations and make appropriate referral. (2022)
  • Re T: Alleged mismanagement of a skull base tumour. Raised Montgomery consent issues. Settled for a seven-figure sum. (2022)
  • Re A: Inner ear surgery resulting in complete deafness in that ear, facial palsy, imbalance, dysarthria and dysphagia. Settled for £750,000. (2021)
  • Re B: Brachial plexus birth injury. Liability compromised at 80/20 in Claimant’s favour. Settled for £1m gross. (2020)
  • Re C: Fatal Accidents claim arising out of treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma and alleged failure to diagnose and treat an Aspergillus infection of the lungs. Experts from four disciplines instructed by each party. (2021)
  • Re D: Claim arising out of negligent management of kidney donor transplantation, resulting in transplant pyelonephritis, fungal septicaemia, rejection of the donor kidney and a transplant nephrectomy. (2021)
  • Re AB: Missed fourth degree perineal tear during child birth. C required multiple surgical procedures including: examination under GA, loop sigmoid colostomy, repair to rectovaginal fistula and overlap sphincter repair, evacuation of perineal haematoma, closure of loop colostomy, caesarean section for second child and z-plasty procedure. Left with permanent faecal incontinence. Also suffered an Adjustment Disorder and Moderate Depression. Earning capacity reduced and restricted employment opportunities. Liability admitted. Settled for £500,000. Acted for Claimant.
  • RE S: Cauda equina. Paraplegia. Causation denied. Settlement £1.2m. November 2018. For Claimant.
  • Re R: Claim for alleged negligent psychiatric treatment and human rights claim for alleged wrongful seclusion. LAA issued a ‘show cause’ notice and during funding embargo claim automatically struck out for failure to pay trial fee pursuant to CPR 3.7A1 (7). Had been listed for 6 days in the High Court. November 2018. For Defendant.
  • Re PXD: Stroke as a result of prostatectomy in which ureter was damaged. Brain injury and hemiparesis. Injury of utmost severity requiring a full package of care. Settlement at equivalent lump sum of £5.2m. June 2018.
  • Re JC: Thyroidectomy resulting in dissection of recurrent laryngeal nerve. Permanent tracheostomy. Settled at mediation for £500,000. June 2018.
  • Re O: Fertility treatment. Alleged perforation of the bowel during egg retrieval leading to unrecognised and untreated peritonitis and a temporary stoma. Global settlement £235,000. June 2018.
  • Re T: Fatal accident claim. Delay in administering prophylactic anti-coagulant following revision knee replacement surgery. Settlement £115,000. May 2018
  • Re M: Alleged failure of anterior lumber interbody fusion, failure to perform a decompression and misplacement of pedicle screw. May 2018.
  • Re K: Alleged failure to detect in time fractured sternal wires and wound dehiscence following cardiothoracic surgery involving coronary artery bypass. March 2018.
  • Re P: Spinal injury claim arising out of an alleged failure to use a non-styletted lumbar puncture needle on a 15 month old infant in 1982. In 2012 the Claimant was diagnosed with an epidermoid cyst at L2/3 level which, he alleged, was causally related to the lumbar puncture he underwent in 1982. Each party instructed four experts on breach and causation. March 2018.
  • Re F. Khan: Fatal accident claim arising out of the death of a mother of two young children. She died following a third trimester miscarriage and attempt medical evacuation following a third trimester miscarriage and attempt medical evacuation following a third trimester miscarriage and attempt medical evacuation following a third trimester miscarriage and an attempted medical evacuation resulting in sepsis. Settlement £500,000. February 2018.
  • Re R: Severe drop foot arising from damage to peroneal nerve following hip arthroscopy. High Court trial March 2017. Acted for claimant.
  • Re Axx: Catastrophic injury – deafness and behavioral changes- arising out of delay in diagnosis of meningitis infection soon after birth. Multi-million pound settlement including periodical payments. One of the first to settle after change in discount rate. Junior on behalf of Defendant Trust. June 2017.
  • Re S: Delayed diagnosis of cervical myelopathy. Settlement July 2017. For claimant.
  • Re A: Obstetric claim. Unrecognised severe intra-abdominal bleed following caesarean section. Psychological injury. Settled August 2017. Acted for claimant.
  • Re FR: Dental claim arising out of removal of a bridge, resulting in alleged soft tissue injuries to neck and face. Settlement October 2017. For claimant.
  • Re O: Hearing loss claim arising out of ear surgery. Liability succeeded on preliminary trial of consent after Montgomery. Settled November 2017. For claimant.
  • Re B: Bariatric surgery claim alleging negligent stapling resulting in obstruction and consequent further 3 repair operations. Settled November 2017. For claimant.
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