Shaheen acts for families and healthcare professionals at inquests with extensive experience of Article 2 and jury inquests concerning detained patients, the elderly and infant deaths.

She is instructed by healthcare providers in a number of cases involving the deaths of mental health patients.

I cannot praise her highly enough. She is brilliant and clever, and her skill as an advocate is inspiring to watch.(Legal 500 2021)

‘Fearless on her feet, diligent and really impressive all round. ’ (Legal 500 2020)

Selected Cases

  • Joe Pooley inquest [2022]: Instructed as Counsel to the Inquest.
  • Re AG [2022]: Article 2 jury inquest for the family of a woman who died whilst detained under the MHA.
  • JK [2021]: For family of woman who died as a result of complications of rectopexy surgery performed by surgeon facing GMC proceedings.
  • Re A [2019-20]: For the family of a child who died of sepsis with associated civil claim.
  • Re TB [2018-20]: For the family of a woman who died following surgery. Claim settled with article 2 damages.
  • Re JT [2018]For a Mental Health Trust at Article 2 jury inquest.
  • Muriel Gentry [2017]: For the family of an elderly woman who died following an overdose of insulin medication. Nurse referred to NMC.
  • Margaret Astill [2017]: For the family of a mental health inpatient who was assaulted during her admission and subsequently suffered a fatal fall. Article 2 jury inquest. Coroner issued a Regulation 28 report to prevent future deaths.
  • Emily Radavicius [2016]: Instructed by hospital in stillbirth case.
  • Charlotte Foster [2016]: For the family of a young woman who died from unrecognised complications of the oral contraceptive pill. Coroner referred the treating GP to the GMC.
  • Freya Wells [2015]: Instructed by treating clinician at inquest concerning the death of a 5 year old child and in subsequent GMC proceedings.
  • DO v An NHSFT [2015]: For the mother of a woman discharged from mental health services who took her own life and that of her young son. HRA claim settled.
  • Dalhaug v LG NHSFT [2015]: For the parents of twins, one of whom died as a result of negligent application of forceps during labour. Representation at inquest resulting in Regulation 28 report with criticism of the Trust’s inadequate investigation.
  • RS v A Private Hospital [2015]: For the family of a mental health patient who took his own life in hospital. Neglect verdict. Following the inquest a high value claim on behalf of the estate, dependents and family as secondary victims was successfully settled.
  • AP [2014]: For family of a mental health patient who took his own life in a mental health unit. Following the inquest the HRA and estate claim were successfully settled.
  • BP [2012]: For the partner of a young woman who absconded from an acute mental health unit and took her own life. Following the inquest the HRA, estate and dependency claims were successfully settled.
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