We have a vacancy for one third six pupil. This will be a funded pupillage with an award of £35,000 paid on a guaranteed earnings basis starting on Monday 30th September 2024.

Applications will be considered until the closing date, namely 4pm on Tuesday 16th July 2024.

We emphasise that chambers has already taken the business decision to recruit one third six pupil, if the standard of candidates merits it. We have an excellent record of giving tenancies to the third sixers we recruit.

Please address by email a covering letter, a full CV and any open references already available to David Hart KC (david.hart@1cor.com) and Alasdair Henderson (alasdair.henderson@1cor.com)
who will lead the selection process. Candidates should also ask pupil supervisors and other referees to send closed references (which are preferred) to David and Alasdair, by the deadline of 4pm on Tuesday 16th July 2024.

Candidates should expect to be called for interview at very short notice (most probably on 18th July 2024) and should provide their mobile phone numbers on their applications.

We recruit in accordance with the principles set out in our equality and diversity policy and all applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. Full details of that policy and our pupillage
policy are available here.

This vacancy is also advertised on the Bar Council here.