The Area Coroner for the Manchester City concluded that the death of a 43-year old Consultant Haematologist and father of two, Prof Amit Patel, would have been avoided were it not for ‘inexplicable’ failures by clinicians to provide a national-level Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) with relevant and readily available information about the patient.

Darragh Coffey represented Prof Patel’s family over the four days of the inquest into his death, and was instructed by Patrick Oliver of Maulin Law.

Prof Patel was suffering from Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (‘HLH’), a rare disorder in which he himself was an expert. The Coroner found that the local clinicians at Wythenshawe Hospital had failed to provide a National HLH MDT with relevant and readily available information that would have influenced the decision making about Prof Patel’s care. As a result the National MDT, operating on incomplete information, recommended that Prof Patel undergo an Endobronchial Ultrasound guided biopsy  (EBUS) procedure, a complication of which ultimately led to his death.

The Coroner also found that there were failures in the process by which Prof Patel’s consent was obtained to undergo the procedure and as a result he was not given the opportunity to provide his informed consent to the EBUS that ultimately led to his death.

In his findings of fact, the Coroner considered that these issues constituted failures to provide basic medical attention to Prof Patel, who was in a dependent position, and that there was a clear and direct causal link between the failures in his care and his death.

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