Welcome to the twelfth issue of the QMLR, brought to you by the barristers at 1 Crown Office Row. This issue catches up on cases from early 2022.

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In this edition you will find:

Lizanne Gumbel KC covers two cases, the first concerning an unusual application by a Defendant for variable PPOs and a capacitous Claimant’s unsuccessful attempts to recover the costs of a PI trust on page 2 and an interesting issue regarding tax on an award of damages in a foreign country on page 7.

Cara Guthrie examines two cases concerning causation in the context of strokes and anticoagulation on page 10.

Richard Mumford explains two cases exploring thorny issues of cosmetic surgery carried out abroad on page 12.

Jasper Gold covers an appeal of a decision on fundamental dishonesty on page 14 and an interesting decision on data protection in the context of a commercial relationship between a Trust and a commercial party on page 27.

Lucy McCann summarises a decision on out of hours emergency mental health treatment on page 16.

Dominic Ruck Keene covers two more decisions concerning the scope of Article 2 in the inquest context on pages 17 and 20, particularly in cases involving children, and also summarises an Admin Court decision concerning a challenge to the policy of discharging patients into care homes in the Covid pandemic on page 23.

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