The inquests investigated the deaths of four young army recruits and one civilian who died in a Provisional IRA bomb attack on the Horse and Groom Public House in Guildford on 5th October 1974. After hearing evidence from 80 witnesses over 13 hearing days in June and July, Senior Coroner Richard Travers delivered his findings and conclusions in court on 21st July 2022.

He concluded that each of the Deceased was unlawfully killed in the terrorist attack, and made detailed factual findings about the nature and placement of the bomb, and where, when and how each of the Deceased passed away, finally filling an important and long-standing gap in the historical record of the County of Surrey.

Oliver Sanders QC was leading counsel to the inquests, with Matthew Flinn and Alice Kuzmenko acting as his juniors. Further information can be found in national media reports, and on the Surrey County Council Website.