LJ was a passenger in a high performance car which, unbeknown to him, had been stolen. He was taken on a drive whereby alongside several other cars a race took place at speeds exceeding 150mph along the A3. LJ did not know when he accepted a lift in the car that it was the driver’s intention to engage in a dangerous road race. He did not have any opportunity to exit the car given its speed and the driver’s refusal to stop and let LJ leave. Sadly for LJ, the driver lost control of the car at significant speed and collided with the central reservation. LJ sustained severe spinal cord injuries and became wheelchair bound. The driver escaped the scene and was never identified or prosecuted.

The MIB alleged that LJ knowingly entered the car knowing that it was stolen and that it was going to be used illegally in a road race. LJ denied this and produced evidence to contradict the MIB’s claim. Eventually, the MIB accepted LJ’s claim and offered to pay him substantial damages on account of his lifechanging injuries.

Shahram Sharghy was instructed to represent LJ by Daryl Robinson and Sophie Davies of Moore Barlow LLP.