Baby ER died shortly after his birth on 17 October 2019. Kiran represented his family at an inquest held before Area Coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp in Winchester.

At the inquest, there was evidence that ER experienced a growth spurt from the 50th to 90th centile but his mother was not offered a discussion about birthing options, including caesarean section. There was also evidence that on other occasions ER’s mother had asked to speak about her birthing options but she was reassured that induction of labour was safe as hers was a low-risk pregnancy. ER’s mother gave clear evidence that, if she had been given a choice, she would have chosen a caesarean section over an induction of labour.

The coroner returned a narrative conclusion: “Baby ER was born on 17th October 2019 at … after Induction of Labour at 40 weeks +15 gestation. He died in hospital a few hours later. The pregnancy had been classified as low risk although there were indicators to the contrary in the latter stages including Reduced Foetal Movements, slight meconium and a sudden growth spurt.

At no point was his mother given the opportunity to discuss birth options with a Consultant Obstetrician in light of these developments. The labour was complicated by Cord compression and Shoulder Dystocia. Had mother been offered a Caesarean Section it is likely she would have chosen this option and E would in all likelihood have avoided the catastrophic brain injury which resulted in his tragic death.”

Kiran was instructed by Adele Wilde of Enable Law.

The family of ER would particularly like to pay tribute to the organisations, particularly Sands and Tommy’s, who provide vital support to families following stillbirth and neonatal death who have helped them through this most difficult time.