In Haines v. Jarman [2021], Shahram Sharghy represented former British Tae Kwon Do Champion who was run down by a motorist whilst on a recovery run after a major championship.

The Claimant sustained a severe knee injury which ended his career and dreams of competing at the Olympics and World Championships.  The Claimant obtained numerous witness statement from current and former World and Olympic medallists as well as National Coaches from Great Britain, the USA and Belgium to establish his likely career trajectory and earnings on the Grand Prix circuit.  The Defendant denied the extent of the Claimant’s knee injury as well as the fact that it had been caused in the accident as opposed in competition.  The loss of a career as an elite international athlete had a devastating impact on the Claimant’s physical and mental well-being.  After much contention and dispute, the Defendant agreed to substantial damages which reflected the value of a lost career as an elite athlete as well as his substantial earning potential.  The Claimant is now able to move on with his life and potentially consider retraining to assist young people and athletes who have suffered similar loss.