Rajkiran Barhey, instructed on behalf of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, questioned the Managing Director of the lift contractors who installed the lifts at Grenfell Tower at hearings this week. At Phase 1, the Inquiry heard evidence from firefighters that the lifts did not operate properly. The firefighters should have been able to take control of the lifts and this would have prevented residents from using the lifts. Also discussed was whether the lifts should have been firefighting lifts (which have special protective features), as opposed to fireman’s lifts, because of the height of the building.

Rajkiran has been instructed by the Inquiry since 2018 and has been involved in preparing for Module 3 of Phase 2, during which the Inquiry has been focusing on the active and passive fire safety measures in Grenfell Tower. She has been carrying out a range of work including document review, drafting Rule 9 requests to witnesses, working with the lifts expert, preparation for witness examination and oral advocacy.

The hearings have been reported in Inside Housing here.