The inquest into the death of 16 month old Effie Bartlett at Hinchingbrooke Hospital on 1 March 2019 has concluded. Thomas Beamont, instructed by Rosie Stafford of Irwin Mitchell, represented the family.

Her parents took her to hospital where her high temperature led a junior doctor to diagnose a viral infection and discharge her. Later that day the toddler’s condition deteriorated and an ambulance was called. Resuscitation treatment was given en route but she sadly died shortly after reaching the hospital.

The inquest heard evidence of an identified risk of a lack of paediatric nursing staff at the hospital. At the time of Effie’s admission the hospital was lacking a middle-grade doctor.

Coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp recorded a narrative conclusion that identified missed opportunities in Effie’s care. She noted that had Effie been tested for suspected sepsis at her first visit,  she would have been treated by a senior consultant and likely have survived.

The hospital apologised to the family and new safety measures have been undertaken following their investigation, including better recording of observations with only a senior doctor allowed to discharge child patients.

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