William Edis QC, instructed by Corrina Mottram of Gadsby Wicks, acted on behalf of a young child who had suffered severe brain damage as a result of negligence leading up to the time of his birth.

A Consultant on call for the labour ward at the hospital was informed of two emergencies that had arisen, the Claimant being one of them.  The staff on site only had capacity to handle one emergency at a time and prioritised the other case above the Claimant’s. He suffered brain damage.  The Defendant admitted that the Consultant should have attended the hospital as an extra pair of hands, in which case both emergencies could have been dealt with simultaneously and brain damage would have been avoided.

The case settled after a Round Table Meeting and the resulting agreement – the total value of which was over £26 million – was approved by Mrs Justice Lambert on 7 July 2020. Click here for a BBC report of the hearing