Leanne Woods was instructed by Adele Wilde and Nicola Rawlinson-Weller of Enable Law to represent a mother who sustained a serious psychiatric injury following the still-birth of her first child.

At 40 weeks the symphysis-fundal height (‘SFH’) was measured but not plotted and the midwife did not notice that it had reduced from 2 weeks earlier. The mother reported reduced fetal movement but was advised this was normal at her stage of pregnancy. Around a week later she was given the same advice and the SFH was not measured at all. At 41+5 weeks, the mother experienced pain and learnt her baby had died in utero. The Trust admitted that the reduction in SFH should have triggered a scan. The mother was originally told the still-birth was due to an infection and she developed a moderate obsessive compulsive disorder involving rigorous and strict cleaning and hygiene routines. She also suffered PTSD type symptoms. She felt unable to seek medical help as she did not trust doctors and struggled during subsequent pregnancies. She had been unable to return to work

Damages of £161,000 were secured for the mother in an out of court settlement.