The claim R(ota) Mrs A, and Sue Evans v. Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, is brought on behalf of an ex nurse from the Tavistock and the mother (Mrs A) of a young girl who is on the waiting list for treatment at the Tavistock. (Update on this case coming soon.)

The claim challenges the legality of hormone blocking and cross sex hormone treatment for under 18’s on the grounds that, without an appropriate statutory framework for the protection of the children’s rights, the treatment is unlawful as the children in question cannot, by reference either Gillick or Montgomery criteria on informed consent, validly consent to the treatment which is both life-changing and likely to be irreversible.

Jeremy and Alasdair are instructed by Paul Conrathe of Sinclairs Law for the Claimants in this landmark case.

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Update 22/01/2020: A former patient has joined this legal challenge to practices at this NHS clinic.