Shaheen Rahman QC has authored a chapter on Health and Safety Law in the UK Supreme Court Yearbook Volume 9.

The chapter includes commentary on the case of R (Black) v Secretary of State for Justice [2017] UKSC 81 in which she appeared as junior counsel led by Philip Havers QC, where the court considered the operation of the smoking ban in enclosed public places and workplaces  and whether the law binds the Crown.  It also covers the case of Y v An NHS Trust [2018] UKSC 46 which considered the extent to which the courts should be involved in decisions as to whether clinically assisted nutrition and hydration should be administered to keep someone with a prolonged disorder of consciousness alive.

The UK Supreme Court Yearbook critically reviews the jurisprudence of the UK Supreme Court each legal year and publishes chapters on a range of institutional and jurisprudential aspects of the Court and its decisions by prominent commentators, including eminent academics, leading barristers (many of whom argue the UKSC cases each year) and judges (including the UKSC Justices and judges from highest appellate courts internationally)

A copy of the UK Supreme Court Yearbook is available on the Wildy & Sons website here.