On the morning of Thursday 30th May 2019, 40 Pathways to Law Year 10 Summer School students learnt about how a trial works before bravely facing each other to be judged in a Mock Trial. 1COR’s Head of Outreach Jo Moore, Michael Spencer and pupil Thomas Beamont offered their insight in the morning workshops to discuss the different people involved in a Mock Trial, e.g. Clerk, Judge, Prosecution, Defence Witness.

The students then worked in groups based on roles assigned to them and prepared for a Mock Trial using provided information booklets, statements etc. Our members and other supporters were on hand to help each group with any questions and what to expect during the process.

After a short break, the Defence and Prosecution teams formed to prep for the Mock Trial taking place that afternoon. The teams then had a chance to act out a full trial to apply what they have learnt about the roles involved, process and public speaking. We had a great time guiding these students through the process, explaining who did what and why that role was necessary. We couldn’t stay to watch them in action but wished each team luck.

Thank you for being such an inquisitive audience and well done on expertly applying new-found knowledge in the Mock Trial!

Uni Roehampton Mock Trial

 ‘Courtroom’ all set up ready for the mock trial