Sarabjit Singh QC appeared in the Court of Appeal for the government on 12th and 13th March 2019, in the important case of AS (Afghanistan) which looks to revisit the law on internal relocation and the circumstances in which relocation of a person with a well founded fear of persecution in a part of his home country to another part could be said to be unduly harsh.

He appears against a team of four counsel for the Appellant led by Sonali Naik QC from Garden Court chambers and a team of three for the UNHCR (intervening) led by Michael Fordham QC of Blackstone Chambers.

The case of AS (Afghanistan) v SSHD will be heard by Underhill, King and Singh LJJ, whose pronouncements on the meaning of the leading cases of Januzi and AH (Sudan) will be followed with interest by the asylum and refugee law community.