Justin Levinson, instructed by Alan Collins of Hugh James, represented the claimants in this landmark case. Five young people from the Philippines are suing convicted British paedophile Douglas Slade after they were sexually exploited by him.

It thought to be the first case where foreign victims of sexual abuse which occurred abroad have brought an action against a British National in the UK. The judge decided that, although not convicted for these offences, Douglas Slade had abused the claimants and so had to pay £127,000 in compensation.

Douglas Slade lived in the Philippines for 30 years after leaving the UK to evade prosecution for his involvement in the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) during the 1970’s. Although there were several investigations by Filipino police, there were no prosecutions made. In 2015 Douglas Slade was extradited and, the following year, jailed for the abuse of five boys in the UK. In this new action, the young people are suing for ‘personal injuries arising out of sexual abuse’ and are providing evidence via video link from Manila. He denied the allegations.

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