The woman known as “SB” has a bipolar disorder and planned a pregnancy with her husband. She elected to stop taking her medication which treats her mental health issues, for the health of the unborn child. She suffered a relapse of her bipolar disorder as a result. Now 23 weeks pregnant she has, in the last few weeks, repeatedly stated she no longer wants the child and wants to have an abortion. Her doctors claim that she lacks the capacity to make this decision as she is suffering from paranoid beliefs that she is being persecuted by her husband, mother and social services. She also believes her husband no longer supports her, but the husband and professionals caring for her say this is not the case. After sitting for 2 days the Judge decided late on the second day that she does have the capacity to decide whether or not to have an abortion.

Sydney Chawatama is representing her husband and father to the unborn child.

Full judgment can be read here.