On Tuesday 31 January 2012 the Joint Committee on Human Rights heard evidence from Angus McCullough QC, appearing with another experienced Special Advocate (Jeremy Johnson QC).

They gave evidence about the Government’s ‘Justice and Security’ Green Paper. Special Advocates have previously filed a collective response to the proposals in this Green Paper, in particular addressing those directed to extending secret evidence procedures, whereby an individual does not see relevant evidence of the case against him and may be deprived of even the gist of allegations that are being made. Such procedures have been used in deportation proceedings before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission and in control order proceedings, and the Government now proposes to extend them to be available in civil litigation. At present, secret and sensitive material is dealt with by the mechanism of public interest immunity (PII).

The recording of the session may be viewed on Parliament TV. The Special Advocates are followed by David Anderson QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, and his predecessor Lord Carlile QC. The JCHR is hearing evidence on Tuesday 7 February at 2.40pm from Joshua Rozenberg, and two journalists from the Guardian.