Iain O’Donnell, instructed by Paddy Roche of Morgan Cole Solicitors, has successfully prosecuted one the most complex organised dog-fighting cases ever brought by the RSPCA, which was the result of a huge investigation by the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit – the part of the RSPCA’s inspectorate that investigates national organised criminal activities such as dog-fighting. Two of the four defendants were sentenced by Judge Simon Cooper in Swindon on 28 September 2011, and the two main defendants stand to be sentenced on 20 October. The factual circumstances of the case are deeply unpleasant: seized footage of an organised dog-fight taking place was played at the hearing as part of the prosecution case. After no more than a few minutes the Judge indicated that he could watch no more of it. All the main news agencies have covered the story.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Mike Butcher can be seen giving a clear summary of the case here.