Rowan has particular experience in sexual offences, rape and historic child abuse, as well as serious traffic offences. Rowan is a CPS level 4 prosecutor and an approved rape panel advocate.

Selected Cases

  • R v C (2019): prosecuting multiple rapes of very young stepdaughter.
  • R v Williams and others (2019): prosecuting 3 defendants in conspiracy to rob. The complainant was targeted in a London club and followed to his home where attacked with knives for a £30,000 Rolex watch. Evidence primarily based on ANPR, mobile cell site and Uber data.
  • R v Gasson (2019): Leading Junior for Crown in 3 week murder trial. 17 year old defendant stabbed deceased twice in altercation in residential street. Both parties had a history of violence and drug dealing. Defence claimed self-defence/loss of control manslaughter. Relying on key aspects of pathologist report, jury rejected alternatives and convicted of murder. Widely reported after restrictions lifted.
  • R v M (2019): defending in 6 handed conspiracy to produce/supply industrial scale cannabis (estimated at over £1,500,000). Lasted 4 weeks.
  • R v Downs (2019):  defending double death by careless driving trial. Defendant had tiredness/eyesight issues when collided with party walking in country lane in dusk. Collision investigation evidence central when assessing whether careful driver might also have failed to see. Convicted but sentence reduced by Court of Appeal.
  • R v Kates (2018): Successfully defending man with Asperger’s charged with possessing a firearm with intent following altercation at family home.
  • R v M (2018): Defending man charged with historic sex offences against family members. Required detailed analysis of unused counselling and medical records.
  • R v J (2018): Defending case of serial rape and sexual grooming of very young children by family member, with images recorded.
  • R v Lucy King (2017): Successfully prosecuted high profile case of  gross negligence manslaughter at Maidstone Crown Court. Defendant, represented by QC, had negligently left out methadone which child consumed. On realising this, failed to seek appropriate help in time. Issues of causation and very vulnerable witnesses, prone to changing evidence. Significant media interest.
  • R v Kent (2017): Prosecuting 3 week trial for historic indecency and sexual offences against three teenage males. A case with multiple issues and family animosity ensuing and witnesses declared hostile. Defendant represented by QC. Following conviction, Attorney General’s Reference saw sentence increased.
  • R v Taylor (2017): Prosecuting murder in Guildford: friend fatally stabbed after row at night. Defendant disposed of knife in rain and sought to claim deceased had attacked him. His case was rejected in setting the minimum sentence.
  • R v M (2017): Defended man charged with rape and series of sexual assaults from the 1980s whilst working as youth leader for charity. Issues of loss of records and locating witnesses after 30 years. Secured acquittal on the most serious allegations.
  • R v Barnes (2017): Defending young man facing allegations of rape brought by two former partners. Issues of collusion and very late service of crucial phone downloads, which enabled acquittal on most counts.
  • R v Purlis (2017): Defending in armed robbery trial- a security van attacked when delivering to bank. Defendant identified following public appeal. The key issues arose from facial mapping and whether alone sufficient to form a basis for conviction. Appeal conviction on this aspect- leave granted but conviction upheld.
  • R v Keyte (2016): Obtained triple attempted murder conviction. The defendant, represented by QC and junior, had been in declining mental health when he attended an address in Hastings and launched an unprovoked stabbing frenzy on three men present. He initially denied any involvement, but in cross-examination admitted that he had done the act. The issue became his capacity to form the necessary intention to kill.
  • R v R & Others (2016): Obtained convictions at Guildford of 9 defendants in £1 million national conspiracy to steal cars from hire companies and retailers using stolen driving licences.
  • R v Clitheroe (2015): Defending in 2 week trial – rape and sexual assault of deaf and mute woman with learning difficulties. Special measures including deaf/mute intermediary and separate Interpreter. Complex issues as to ability to cross-examine, competence and section 41 sexual history.
  • R v Cook (2015): Prosecuted in 2 week historic rape and sexual assault of half-sisters when aged 5-15. Exceptionally damaged victims – one interviewed 3 times over 7 years by police who initially failed to refer the case to CPS to consider charging. Convicted on 9 counts, including rape of 5 year old. Sentenced to 21 years’ custody.
  • R v Thompson (2015): Leading defence counsel alongside QC’s in 5 week rape and sexual assault trial of the utmost gravity. Evidence of sexual abuse by family members of children as young as 12 months’ old.
  • R v G (& Others) (2012): Represented main defendant in case with 40 counts of historic familial sex abuse and child cruelty.
  • R v Beiu (2012): Successfully defended a Romanian lorry driver on trial for dangerous driving where a journalist for national newspaper was seriously injured.
  • R v Mitchell (2011): Leading in Central Criminal Court in five week murder and assisting offender trial. Victim shot in drugs-related revenge execution. Complex issues including informant evidence and anonymous witnesses.
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