Rebecca has built up a strong criminal practice and undertakes work in all areas of criminal law including murder, manslaughter, death by dangerous / careless driving and other motoring offences, serious violence, sexual offences (including rape and possession of indecent images), drugs, fraud and arson.

Rebecca has been led many times and has also been instructed as leading junior. She is often involved in multi handed cases, including conspiracies.

Rebecca also has experience in Courts Martial, Environment Agency, Inquest and RSPCA cases, and advises and appears in the Court of Appeal.

Rebecca has particular experience in advising on the need for psychiatric / psychological reports and calling expert witnesses. She also has regular cases dealing with vulnerable clients and witnesses, including those who need intermediaries, and those who are very young or mentally unwell.

Selected Cases

  • R v JM (2021) Lewes CC: defended JM who was charged with sexual offences against 2 strangers on the same night.
  • R v CC (2021) Lewes CC: junior counsel, CC was accused of murdering his girlfriend whilst they were on a camping trip.
  • R v JB (2021) Hove CC: JB was charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent (stabbing).
  • R v AH (2021) Hove CC: AH was charged with rape, sexual assault and threats to kill in a domestic setting.
  • R v WM (2021) Brighton CC: WM was charged with murdering his partner at her home during lockdown.
  • R v PH (2020) Hove CC: PH (in her 70’s) was charged with historic sexual offences.
  • R v Sandford (2020): Prosecuted man for attack on toilet attendant.
  • R v Verlander (2019): Prison sentence quashed and 3.5 years imposed in the Court of Appeal.
  • R v Lansdell (2019): Successfully applied for reduction of prison sentence in the Court of Appeal.
  • R v Daroux (2019): Opposed application to increase prison sentence in the Court of Appeal.
  • R v SMH (2019): Defended man accused of smuggling people across the Channel.
  • R v LH (2019) Lewes CC: Leading counsel for LH who was charged with attempted murder
  • R v OB (2019) Brighton CC: OB, a female of good character, was charged with facilitating money laundering of over £100,000
  • R v Johnson, R v  Burton (2018) EWCA Crim 2845: Amendment to Criminal Procedure Rules (CPR).
  • R v TH (2018) Hove CC: Leading counsel on an attempted murder, involving 5 co defendants
  • R v MJ (2018) Brighton CC: MJ was charged with throwing ammonia in the face of his ex partner, and associated offences of violence
  • R v JW (2017) Hove CC: JW was charged with transferring a firearm and ammunition, linked to a conspiracy to murder over a drug debt
  • R v JD (2017) Lewes CC: JD was charged with sexual offences on a child whilst in Belgium.
  • R v LR (2017) Lewes CC: LR was charged with defrauding the company she worked for out of over £200,000.
  • R v SH (2017) Lewes CC: SH was charged with 2 others with running an industrial style cannabis factory in a shed in her garden.
  • R v MH (2017) Hastings YC: MH, a youth, was charged with a number of sexual offences against 3 youth complainants.
  • R v JS (2017) Lewes CC: JS, a young man with mental health issues, was charged with possession of a firearm with intent, having pointed it at a bus driver and made threats .
  • R v AK (2016) Lewes CC: AK murdered his landlord after an argument between them at home.
  • R v JE (2016) Lewes CC: JE was charged with 3 others with s18 GBH on an inmate when they were all housed at HMP Lewes.
  • R v JM (2016) Lewes CC: JM was charged with supplying class A drugs to his girlfriend, who subsequently died as a result of taking them.
  • R v JL (2016) Lewes CC: JL, a youth, was charged with 2 others, with 2 knife point robberies in the home of a disabled man.
  • R v MP (2016) Lewes CC: MP was charged with a series of arsons carried out in order to take revenge on the home owner.
  • R v TP (2016): Lewes CC: defendant charged with historic sexual offences against his step daughter.
  • R v DR (2016): Lewes CC: defendant charged with 3 others with section 18 wounding.
  • R v AB (2016): Guildford Crown Court – defendant charged with causing death by dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving due to driving at excessive speeds leading a loss of control of his vehicle, killing one passenger and seriously injury another along with the driver of a second vehicle.
  • R v JG (2016): Lewes Crown Court – defendant charged with causing death by careless driving due to driving at excessive speed on an icy road, causing the death of a cyclist.
  • R v SW (2016): Court of Appeal – opposing an Attorney General’s Reference after a suspended sentence was imposed following a rape trial.
  • R v GA (2016): Lewes Crown Court – leading junior in a multi defendant, multi count, rape indictment likened to the Rotherham grooming case.
  • R v AM (2015): Chichester Crown Court – defendant charged with rape of his half sisters.
  • R v AC (2015): Chichester Crown Court – female defendant with mental health issues charged with sexual offences against young females with mental health problems.
  • R v MJ (2015): Chichester Crown Court – armed robbery of a shop and bookmakers.
  • R v JB (2015): Guildford Crown Court – kidnap and false imprisonment within the travelling community.
  • R v JMD (2015): Lewes Crown Court – being concerned in the supply of class A drugs (multi kilo sale).
  • R v MS (2014): Lewes Crown Court – teacher charged with sexual activity with a child.
  • R v JB (2014): Hove Crown Court – junior counsel on a multi handed murder of an antiques dealer who had been tortured in order to locate a diamond.
  • R v JM (2013): Chichester Crown Court – taking indecent photographs of a child and voyeurism (covertly filming his step daughter).
  • R v DB (2013): Hove Crown Court – multi handed section 18 which resulted in a quadruple amputation.
  • R v SJ (2013): Lewes Crown Court – junior counsel on a two handed murder, a stabbing during an arranged fight.
  • R v DH (2012): Chichester Crown Court – arson (burnt down his brother’s warehouse with damage valued at over £1,000,000).
  • R v PRW (2012): Lewes Crown Court – causing an explosion likely to endanger life (attempting suicide).
  • R v SA (2012): Maidstone Crown Court – section 18 and dangerous driving.
  • R v TM (2012): Lewes Crown Court – importation of 1.8 tonnes of cannabis from South Africa, defendant with serious mental health issues.
  • R v GT (2012): Maidstone Crown Court – being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of duty (cigarette smuggling).
  • R v IB (2011): Croydon Crown Court – obtaining leave to remain by deception (sham marriage case).
  • R v JK (2011): Canterbury Court – assisting unlawful immigration (smuggling Vietnamese nationals in to the UK from France).
  • R v PH/JW (2010): Brighton Crown Court – multi count benefit fraud where the defendant had been a police informant.
  • R v DS (2010): Old Bailey – represented first defendant in multi handed section 18 wounding, stamping case.
  • R v SB (2010): Hove Crown Court – acted for mother in serious child cruelty case, expert evidence given.
  • R v WE (2009): Kingston Crown Court – multi handed conspiracy to supply cannabis from a “cannabis cafe”.
  • R v LC (2009): Lewes Crown Court – false imprisonment and assault linked to drugs importation from Venezuela.
  • R v PH (2008): Hove Crown Court – leading counsel for second defendant in multi million pound NHS fraud.
  • R v SW (2008): Lewes Crown Court – junior counsel on a murder of his cell mate.
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