Children (Public Law)

In Public Law matters Luisa is regularly instructed in complex cases where there are allegations of non accidental injury, sexual abuse, parental drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness and cognitive limitations. Her practice is balanced between representing Local Authorities, parents, grandparents and Guardians and on occasion Gillick competent children.

Selected Cases

  • AB (Childhood Vaccination) [2021] EWHC 158 1: Represented child in childhood vaccination injunction challenge.
  • K (a child : fact finding), Re [2015] EWFC B85 (1 July 2015) Representing the mother in a hearing where the child aged 11 months had suffered a number of serious unexplained injuries. The local authority sought findings that they were deliberately inflicted. The mother was exonerated in respect of a number of the findings.
  • Re W (A Child) [2012] EWCA Civ 106; [2012] 2 F.L.R. 240: Acting for the local Authority before the President of the Family Division in a case concerning separation under an Interim Care Order. The father’s appeal was dismissed.
  • O’Connel & Ors (Children) Rev 2 [2005] EWCA Civ 759 (22 June 2005): The case established a presumption in favour of McKenzie Friends being permitted in family courts
  • A Local Authority v S (2016): Representing a grandparent where the local authority plan was for adoption of a 6 year old child. Succeeded in having the child placed with the grandparent under a Special Guardianship Order.
  • A Local Authority v F, S and K (2018): Representing grandparents in gaining permission to be joined as parties to care proceedings in respect of their 3 grandchildren against the wishes of the local authority and their Children’s Guardian.
  • A Local Authority v B (2018): Representation of a mother who was facing allegations of having deliberately inflicted injuries on her 3 month old child and/or of having failed to protect the child from being injured. The mother was exonerated of all findings and child returned to the mother’s full time care.
  • A Local Authority v  M (2017): Representing a father accused of historical rape and sexual abuse against a sibling within in care proceedings.
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