Amy Packham secures conviction of Beaver Scout Leader for sexually assaulting two six year old girls and covertly filming others over various weekends camps.

Oliver Cooper was convicted following a two week trial at Lewes Crown Court – the first in the historic Lewes Court since March.  Screens and other social distancing measures had been implemented which enabled the court to finally start hearing trials again after a six month absence.

He was sentenced to six years imprisonment on the same day he was convicted. The trial followed a police investigation which spanned two years.  Initially a complaint was made  by one young Beaver Scout resulting in his arrest.  His phone and laptop were subsequently examined and found to contain the TOR browser, for anonymously accessing websites for paedophilia and the Dark Web, as well as a number of 1st generation videos in which he filmed the very young boys and girls getting undressed, taking showers and using urinals.  Almost a year later another young girl disclosed to her father that she had also been sexually assaulted the night of the same sleepover camp.

Oliver Cooper gave evidence that he would never have done any of it and it had been the worst day of his life to be falsely accused and dismissed from Beavers.  The Judge in sentencing Mr Cooper referred to the horrendous breach of trust he had committed and how parents had no reason to, but would inevitably feel guilty for leaving their children in his care.