Amy Packham’s client was the only one acquitted in a case involving an allegation of a carefully planned and orchestrated robbery of a Hedge Fund manager in his home by a gang of men involving the use of a sawn off shotgun.

The case involved a decoy car, disguised as a police car, to get the home owners to open the front gate and front door of their substantial property.  Once the front door was opened four men in balaclavas armed with a sawn off shotgun stormed the property, occupied at the time by the Hedge Fund Manager, his wife and three children.

The evidence presented by the Prosecution involved complex and detailed ANPR evidence, cellsite evidence and phone billing data.

Amy Packham worked tirelessly to show that it was a reasonable proposition on the facts of the case that someone other than her client was using his phone at the site of the attacked property and that the prosecution had been selective in their presentation of the evidence, to their own ends.